• Havana brown

    • top color: deep brown
    • base color: copper
    • accent color: coffee with milk 
  • Irish beige

    • top color: gentle violet
    • base color: cream
    • accent color: beige 
  • Italian beige

    • top color: brown
    • base color: gray satin
    • accent color: walnut
  • Caribbean blue

    • top color: ocean wave
    • base color: blue velvet
    • accent color: sky blue
  • Austrian white

    • top color: white
    • base color: light smoke
    • accent color: milky white 
  • French green

    • top color: palisander
    • base color: grass green
    • accent color: gray
  • Jamaican black

    • top color: anthracite
    • base color: deep gray
    • accent color: anthracite
  • Wind from the Nile

    • top color: soft beige
    • base color: cream liqueur
    • accent color: pearl white 
  • Jumbo Kenya

    • top color: brown oak
    • base color: dark salmon
    • accent color: pink flamingo 
  • Nostalgia for the London dawn

    • top color: creamy coffee
    • base color: brown tobacco
    • accent color: ash gray 
  • Trails of Masai Mara

    • top color: native silver
    • base color: pistachio
    • accent color: white 
  • Green waters of Algeria

    • top color: cream beige
    • base color: lemon green
    • accent color: green rose 
  • Pride of El Djem

    • top color: red satin
    • base color: caramel
    • accent color: beige 
  • Soul of the Sahara

    • top color: amber brown
    • base color: ginger
    • accent color: light khaki 
  • Improvisation

    • top color: intense azure
    • base color: cognac and burgundy
    • accent color: sky blue 
  • Cold passion

    • top color: snow white
    • base color: silvery black
    • accent color: milky white 
  • Night tenderness

    • top color: elegant gray
    • base color: lilac
    • accent color: flaxen 
  • A subtle kiss

    • top color: ash berry
    • base color: rich black
    • accent color: coral 
  • Burning desire

    • top color: golden yellow
    • base color: carmine
    • accent color: honey 
  • Cayman moire

    • top color: biscuit
    • base color: brown fern
    • accent color: terracotta
  • Lion moire

    • top color: soft bistre
    • base color: rich sand
    • accent color: antique bronze 
  • Tiger moire

    • top color: graphite brown
    • base color: gray satin
    • accent color: walnut
  • Snow leopard moire

    • top color: dark chestnut
    • base color: cold lavender
    • accent color: beige 

Exclusive custom color
will emphasize your character in the interior

Upon your individual request we can develop a custom color scheme that will suit the existing or soon-to-be interior.

Color options can be created on the basis of photos, sketches, samples of any materials or matched to the interior.

ДEven a memory of a walk along the seashore or a warm evening with family, the first kiss or the taste of good ristretto can be the basis for the creation of unique colors.

We will produce samples in the form of tiles and you can choose the most suitable option.

Ready-to-use color design
harmony and precision

Each of the created color schemes has its own history and artistic vision. Imagination, the search for harmony and hard work allow us to create unique images in the DANZARE concrete.

Everything is important: quality of the materials, precise proportions, even the craftsman’s speed at polishing the surface. The true color is born only under the hand of a master.