• concrete DANZARE
    consumer properties
    • exceptional freedom:
      anything in the designer’s sketch can be done
    • individual choice of color schemes
    • a variety of surface options:
      we can create any textures
    • excellent combination with noble materials:
      glass, natural stone, wood, metal
    • luxurious and impressive look
    • unique surface pattern:
      each product is unique

  • concrete DANZARE
    consumer properties
    • pleasant to the touch
    • excellent functional quality:
      durable, reliable, easy to clean
    • dirt repellent (due to the varnish)
    • wears out beautifully and nobly
    • adding inserts to personalize a product
    • gives a feeling of true hand crafted luxury

The DANZARE concrete is a very elegant and handy material. For several years we have been developed formulas and looking for interesting and reliable combinations of ingredients. This takes a long time, is expensive and can completely change the philosophy of life. The result is the exclusive DANZARE concrete, which we are proud to offer our customers.

The DANZARE concrete was created for interiors with character and stylish accents. Hand crafted interior items made of concrete look noble and elegant. Concrete attracts attention and entices you to touch it. Such items can easily become a subject of a conversation and something to be proud of.

Concrete has many faces. In skillful hands the material is flexible and tame. To create our products we work manually from the beginning to the end. Each fine vein hand crafted directly inside by concrete itself. It is a long and complex work. The craftsman feels the concrete and works with it, creating a unique design for every single item.