Concrete is a durable, strong and lively material. Maintenance of the concrete furniture does not require special skills, it is enough to know several important rules.
Pay careful attention to caring for our products and they will serve you for many years.

General rules of caring for varnished products from the DANZARE concrete

As the surface gets dirty, use a soft cloth soaked in soapy water to wipe out the stains.

Avoid using harsh sponges and powder detergents containing abrasive or harsh chemicals, they can damage the varnish topcoat.

Always use cutting boards and coasters for hot items.

The surface is resistant to domestic dirt. Food, medicines, conventional face and body care products, oral hygiene products will not cause immediate problems for the finish.

To avoid the staining of surfaces rinse (wipe) the surface after each use of acidic foods and liquids (vinegar, wine, sauce, lemon juice, tea, coffee, etc.).

When doubting about the care or damage, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Avoid bumping the edges and corners, these places are exposed to the largest risk of mechanical damage.


Pay particular attention to the use of concrete products
To simplify surface maintenance and for additional protection against scratches and damages use wax to care for varnished furniture. Wax is applied as it wears out depending on the intensity of use. We recommend waxing the item once a month. The application of high-quality carnauba wax is a rather pleasant procedure, you should try and feel the aroma of wax, the softness and richness of the concrete surface.
Avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects, they can damage the varnish. Concrete is strong enough, but the topcoat may be damaged in such cases. Even if the varnish is somewhat damaged you can continue using the concrete product. The topcoat can be restored in our workshop. Minor damage can be repaired on site.
Chipping and damage that destroyed the concrete can be repaired depending on the nature of the damage: small – on site, large - in our workshop. Major damage is actually hard to cause. Sometimes we deliberately destroy a product to understand how it happens.
In case you get the varnished surface dirty you'll have plenty of time to clean up. We do not recommend leaving dirt on the surface for a long time, but even after a day completely dried dirt can usually be removed from the varnished surface without a trace with a soft cloth soaked in plain or soapy water. Products are designed for continuous use, do not leave the dirt for a long time.
The DANZARE concrete is a lively material, each item has its own character and history. The concrete continues to harden for decades, during this time small cracks may appear on the surface. This can happen in six months, or twenty-five years and is a natural process that does not have an effect on the structural strength of the product. We make every effort to control this process, but it cannot be excluded entirely, because it depends on a variety of usage factors. This is the concrete that lives and changes and that’s what makes it so special.
When using sealed concrete products or products without the protective topcoat the surface may pick up some traces of dirt. This is most valuable and attractive for the people into aged interior. Traces of use on such surfaces penetrate deep into the concrete and cannot be removed. To simplify care for surfaces without protective topcoats, we recommend treating them with wax.