bas relief NISROCH
interior design

The art replica of an assyrian eagle-headed god Nisroch bas relief is handcrafted by our sculptors and craftsmen. The original figure was a part of the assyrian royal palace wall decoration at Nimrud city.

Its amazing feeling of an ancient artifact is created by sophisticated details and a deep relief. Massive stone slab looks like an archaeological find.

Paint finish and aging of each product performed manually to highlight it's ancient nature. Basic shades remind antique limestone

We recommend a professional backlight to create a very special atmosphere in your room.



  • availability: in stock
  • custom work: 1 week

  • Color scheme:
  • ancient light limestone
  • ancient dark limestone
  • antique shadows of gray
  • The color of each product is unique. Its shades may vary from the pictures on the site.
  • Dimensions (height - width):
    1150 - 650 mm.  
  • Total thickness: 70 mm.
  • Relief depth: 30 mm.
  • weight: 47-50 kg.
  • Wall mounting: included
  • Material: lightweight engineered concrete DANZARE.Casa
  • Interior design item
  • Handcrafted art finishing
  • Sculptors: O. Antuch, S. Bychkov

The Assyrian god Nisroch was sculptured as an eagle-headed deity with human body, wings and exaggerated muscles. There is a container for holy water in his left hand and a fir cone in his right, to care of the sacred tree (a symbol of vegetal life and fertility). His tunic skillfully decorated with fringe and tassels. The massive stone slab coated with 11 rows of cuneiform inscriptions.

The bas relief is an original form of artistic expression combined with the spirit of time and ancient history. The present piece is an art example of large slabs that were decorating the Nimrud palace walls (IX BC).