Blue, yellow, green, brown - the colors alternate in a mad race for the attention of a bird flying in the skies. Our craftsmen used deep rich shades to try to reveal the secrets hidden in the world in a completely new and exciting perspective. Here you can see the rolling green fields, hear the roaring flow of mountain rivers, feel the cold splashes of their waters and the heat of sunbeams. Looking at this sink you will see what an eagle sees winging its way through the skies above the Great Lakes of North America.
  • model: "Earth seen from the sky"
  • availability: in stock

  • Collection: GAIO
  • Color scheme: artisan's option
  • Top color: blue velvet
  • Base color: light khaki
  • Accent color: beige
  • Dimensions: 740*417*100 mm  
  • Depth: 90 mm
  • Overflow hole: no
  • Faucet hole: no
  • Material: concrete DANZARE
  • Technology: hand crafted
  • Topcoat: varnish, silk satin
  • Polish: on demand

Rich, vibrant colors of this unusual sink attract the eye and excite the imagination. An amazing combination of colors and the play of shades make you see the familiar material in a whole new light.

The sink has a clear edge, small depth and a soft sliding surface. It will become a bright accent, and an original interior decoration for a guest bathroom.