Danzare FORZA
exclusive concrete collection

These shades convey the power of a person’s feelings and emotions, many sides of the human soul. Freedom, wisdom, confidence, love and struggle – every person can find a feeling, a mood or a sense in this collection that’s close to him.

  • Improvisation

    • top color: intense azure
    • base color: cognac and burgundy
    • accent: sky blue 
  • A treacherous kiss

    • top color: ash berry
    • base color: rich black
    • accent color: coral 
  • Night tenderness

    • top color: elegant gray
    • base color: lilac
    • accent color: flaxen 
  • Cold passion

    • top color: snow white
    • base color: silvery black
    • accent color: milky white 
  • Burning desire

    • top color: golden yellow
    • base color: carmine
    • accent: honey