Amazing nature’s fantasy, the Thor’s Well, has inspired our craftsmen to create this unusual sink.
In an instant, the calm ocean waters become dangerous and unpredictable opening a beautiful sight of the water power bursting into the open gates of the subterrene demonstrating the unparalleled beauty and mystery of the ocean. Peering into the deep rich blue-blue shades of this unique sink you will be able to see the giant storm waves and hear the sound of roaring streams of water falling into the abyss.
  • model: "Thor’s Well"
  • availability: in stock

  • Collection: ALFABETA
  • Color scheme: Caribbean blue
  • Top color: ocean wave
  • Base color: blue velvet
  • Accent color: sky blue
  • Dimensions: 840*520*40 mm  
  • Depth: 130 mm
  • Overflow hole: no
  • Faucet hole: no
  • Weight: 34,5 kg
  • Material: concrete DANZARE
  • Technology: hand crafted
  • Topcoat: varnish, silk satin
  • Polish: on demand

Intense and rich colors of this sink always improve your mood and evoke memories of a vacation by the ocean. "Boundless ocean ..." and the imagination hints aquamarine, color of the blue sky and the foam on the edge of sea waves.

The creation of such an unusual shape of the sink was inspired by the power of nature and the willfulness of the water element. The smooth sliding surface of the sink is associated with the streams of ocean water flowing down deep. The shape attracts the eye and entices to touch these alluring and confident curves.