Any surface texture can be reproduced in concrete.
Touching our products once, you’ll want to feel the sexual smoothness or brutal rockiness, soft velvet or strict relief of the concrete surface again and again.

Danzare PIETRA
Technique 1

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  • 1gavana
  • 6france
  • 3sunsetsahara
  • 1improviz
  • 4leon
The pattern of each product is entirely hand crafted and looks like a unique creation of the nature.

In many ways you can define how the surface will look like: chose the direction, number and location of the veins, decide on the bright accents and their intensity, color transitions, and other features of the design.

Every detail can be discussed and we will create an exclusive surface according to your sketch.

To agree on the subtle nuances we create a sample product.


Danzare GIOCO
Technique 2

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  • techno2-0
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  • techno2-3
  • techno2-4
  • caiman3
Products based on this technology are created with a various texture: from the caiman skin to rocky surfaces.

We can transfer onto the concrete the relief of various materials upon your request: aged wood, stone, leather, metal, and even lace. Such transfer of texture opens up new possibilities for your interior.



Additional features

Danzare MOLTI
Technique 3

The surface of our concrete products resembles metamorphoses of smooth and randomly flowing colors.

The surface of the products is silky and smooth. The color combination is chosen individually.


Danzare SOLO
Technique 4

Solid-color products of high density concrete resemble porcelain in terms of visual and tactile characteristics. Solid color concrete impresses with its simple elegance and indisturbable dignity.

The color can be chosen individually. Concrete staining technology can be applied for natural colors and tones.


Danzare UNO
Technique 5

The usual concrete we all see on-site, can be a major industrial style interior decoration. The "usual" concrete has its own distinctive appearance. It's an option for those who appreciate the natural materials.

Color, texture and all surface nuances are selected individually according to your vision of the LOFT style concrete.