• topcoat: VARNISH
    consumer properties
    • easy to clean and wash
    • dirt repellent, stain-free
    • light resistant: does not turn yellow
    • certified for coatings in contact with food
    • protects the product against mechanical damage
    • creates a nice soft tactile feel
    • can be damaged by sharp, hot or heavy objects

  • topcoat: VARNISH
    gloss options and polishing
    • High gloss
      shiny surface with rich tones
    • Silky satin
      delicate shine with natural tones
    • Antique matt
      wax matt surface
    • Deep matt
      matt surface with soft tones

    • 8 levels of gloss available
    • any varnished product is polished upon request
    • polished matt varnish:
      soft gloss of the surface and matt inside
    • polished gloss varnish:
      wet shine effect
  • topcoat: SEALER
    consumer properties
    • high resistance to mechanical stress: wears out only together with the concrete
    • resistant to high temperatures: can contact hot objects
    • not applied to surfaces in contact with food
    • dirt can lead to darkening and stains
    • preserves the natural look
    • conveys the tactile sensation of the natural concrete
  • topcoat: SEALER
    gloss options and polishing
    • preserves the natural muted tones
    • products can be sealed creating a "wet stone" effect
    • coating is not polished
    • concrete surface can be pre-polished
  • topcoat: NO TOPCOAT
    consumer properties
    • picks up all the traces of time and use
    • resistant to mechanical stress
    • is not recommended to surfaces in contact with food
    • dirt can lead to stains on the surface
    • preserves the natural look
    • conveys the exceptional tactile sensation of the natural concrete
    • product surface can be polished

The choice of the product’s finish topcoat can largely affect the visual and tactile sensations. Polished surface appears smoother and seems to drag deep inside. Matt varnish is softer and waxier to the touch. Satin gloss varnish gives the surface a delicate silk effect with a velvety sheen.
There is no ideal coating, but there are coatings that meet certain expectations. We carefully choose which varnishes and infusions to use, testing the best ones in search of the perfect combination of quality and protection. We are willing to experiment and are able to offer additional topcoat options according to your requirements.
The topcoat reflects the nature of the concrete in the interior. Matt varnish emphasizes the dignity and harmony, high gloss adds luster. Varnished surface invariably attracts the eye, entices to touch and feel the luxury of concrete in the interior.
The lovers of antiquity and natural look will most likely choose concrete without a topcoat or non-sealed. To preserve the luxurious look of the product for years it’s better to use varnish.