It’s being admired and described in poems, it’s tender and cold, it is inaccessible and covered in mystery. Every night it looks at the sleepy town, filling it with its pearly light rays. Like a girl, it hides behind the gray clouds from prying eyes, covers its true face with a veil of clouds, each month sews a new dress and admires its own reflection in the water. What secret does it keep? Maybe it was hopelessly in love with the sun, who it was not destined to meet, or a bright wandering star?
  • model: "Reverse side of the Moon"
  • availability: in stock

  • Collection: BAZZETO
  • Color scheme: artisan's option
  • Top color: antique silver
  • Base color: ivory
  • Accent color: gray tinted
  • Dimensions: 840*470*100 mm
  • Depth: 100 mm
  • Overflow hole: no
  • Faucet hole: no
  • Material: concrete DANZARE
  • Technology: hand crafted
  • Topcoat: varnish, silk satin
  • Polish: on demand

The enchanting magic of the moon has inspired our craftsmen to create an unusual color of this sink. Feminine lines, soft grays, tender romantic light of the sink attracts the eye and agitates with the secrets that the moon keeps.

Gentle luxury – this is how we can describe the feeling of touching this designer sink. Honey soft surface, smooth lines and soft edges delight with their elegance and sophistication. This extraordinary bathroom sink with fill the room with heavenly beauty, a sense of freedom and serenity.