How dangerous and exciting does an eruption of a volcano that has been sleeping for thousands of years look! The expulsion of hot debris on the ground, outpouring and slow motion of boiling lava, enveloping pearl-gray clouds and red-hot earth. And even after the volcano goes off, the golden frost of volcanic ash remains for thousands of years.
  • model: "Volcanic cream"
  • availability: on demand

  • Collection: GAIO
  • Color scheme: Snow leopard
  • Top color: dark brown
  • Base color: cold lavender
  • Accent color: beige
  • Dimensions: 840*480*50 mm  
  • Depth: 100 mm
  • Overflow hole: no
  • Faucet hole: no
  • Weight: 34,5 kg
  • Material: concrete DANZARE
  • Technology: hand crafted
  • Topcoat: varnish, antique matt
  • Polish: yes

Creating this original sink model our masters sought to show the unusual colors created by nature. The sink has a light ash-gray color, and the unusual beige, brown and black shades against this background start to look like red-hot stones under a layer of lava.

Smooth flawless lines of the sink attract the eye with their softness and lightness. The minimalistic rectangular shape will add sophistication and rigor to the bathroom interior. The small depth of the sink and its measured smooth lines create a gentle, delicate and demure look.