Sand dunes seem endless ... Looking at this sink, you can imagine a tired traveler walking through the desert exhausted by thirst and it seems like life is impossible in this realm of hot sand. But finally his exhausted eyes find an island of life untouched by time - an oasis in the desert. Vigorous streams of water spraying from the ground, sand and boundless skies! This is where dreams and hopes can come alive.
  • model: "Mirage in a desert"
  • availability: on demand

  • Collection: ALFABETA
  • Color scheme: artisant's option
  • Top color: turquoise sky
  • Base color: coffee with milk
  • Accent color: antique bronze
  • Dimensions: 840*480*100 mm
  • Depth: 100 mm
  • Overflow hole: no
  • Faucet hole: no
  • Material: concrete DANZARE
  • Technology: hand crafted
  • Topcoat: varnish, silk satin
  • Polish: on demand

Warm and soft light that this sink emits resembles the color of hot sand in the vast desert. Warm shades of sand and natural turquoise come together in a palette that conveys the feeling of a traveler who has reached an oasis in the desert.

The sink has an expressive rectangular shape and a small depth. The surface is smooth to the touch and gentle like sand. This designer sink creates a special natural atmosphere in the bathroom, gives a feeling of freedom and lightness.